Our photographer

We are pleased to have John Lee as our official photographer.

Photographer: John Lee

John is the principal of AGM Insurance in Calgary.

All photos on this website are courtesy of John Lee, except as otherwise noted.

Our logo

Courtesy of Mr. Josh Farris.

What we do

We currently hold luncheons throughout the year, with speakers of interest, and conduct a number of fun events - for the purpose of keeping our members and guests informed, and allowing networking opportunities.

Our luncheons are geared to be informative, a networking opportunity, and educational. As such, we strive to obtain one educational credit with the AIC, on your behalf, for your licensing requirements, if you stay from start to finish.

We have board meetings a few times each year, except for a summer break.

Our Annual General Meeting is in June. All paid-up members of the Society of Fellows are invited and eligible for nomination to a position on the board.

Our objectives

1. To stimulate career interest in the general insurance industry.
2. To encourage persons engaged in the general insurance industry to seek continued education within this field.
3. To hold conferences, meetings and programs for discussion and exchange views in matters relating to general insurance.
4. To receive, acquire and hold gifts, donations, legacies and devices and to expend the same in furthering the objectives of the Society.
5. To make grants and awards for meritorious achievement in studies approved by the Society in the field of general insurance.
6. To cooperate with other organizations, whether incorporated or not, which have objectives similar in whole or in part to the objectives of the Society.

Board of Directors

We currently have six people on your board of directors, all of whom are eager to serve our membership.

(All Board photos provided by Board members.)

President & Treasurer: Dennis Tran, CIP: Dennis is a producer at Sproule Insurance

Photo: Dennis Tran

Vice President & Accreditation Director: Emad Rizk, FCIP. Emad is the owner of Rizk Insurance, Calgary.

Photo: Emad Rizk

Past President & Treasurer: Linda Palmer, FCIP: Linda is a partner at Palmer Salmon Insurance

Photo: Linda Palmer

Program Director: Ross Bucsis, FCIP. Ross is Alberta Manager at Westland Insurance, in Calgary.

Photo: Ross Bucsis

Director: Ian Sutherland, FCIP. Ian works at BI&I.

Photo: Ian Sutherland

Communications Director: Bill Tyler, FCIP. Bill is a Commercial Trainer and Auditor at Intact Insurance, in Calgary.

Photo: Bill Tyler




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